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Solo Graduate Film


This film is a solo project where I have produced, directed, designed and animated the entire film. The music is made by the lovely Swedish jazz composer Joel Lyssarides. 

The film itself is inspired by a poem I wrote under a bridge in Sweden during the first part of the pandemic. The poem about the forgotten hideaways of childhood and follows a young woman walking through the woods near her childhood home, unfolding memories of hidden places and youthful adventure. She reflects on these places, this time, and the unique nostalgia of such innocent secrets.

The programs used to produce the film were: Procreate, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.

_A Secret Place_

Poster Design

Fun Fact: 

You can see the drawing and crayons that is the poster in the little tree house in the film. 

The poster was inspired by the drawings I used to make with my friends in our secret hideouts. I particularly loved using crayons so it felt natural to include them.

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